ANBIIG workshop in Cambodia: NBI, POEM and ESD (2023/4/27-29)


International faculty

  • Hwoon-Yong Jung
  • Dr. Mekaroonkamol Parit, Dr. Jan Kasenee


Local Faculty

  • Dr. Ky Vutha, Calmette
  • Dr. Chey Vithiarithy, KSFH


Nurse staff

  • Hye Jung Lee supported by Doctogether: flight, accommodation, meals





  • KSFH
  • lecture on POEM
  • Live demo of POEM: M/32
  • Hands-on of POEM with ex vivo pig esophagus/stomach



  • Calmette hospital
  • Live demo of POEM for 2 patients and Colon ESD for 1 patient


  • Calmette hospital
  • Lectures on NBI, ESD
  • Hands-on at dry lab for SSS of EGD, drawing, and wet lab for ESD